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    RBF in Education: Post-webinar Discussion

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      RBF Webinar Series: Education Scoping Study


      Questions for the post-webinar discussion:


      How are technologies being deployed to enhance quality and manage costs?


      Does OBA lend itself particularly well to access, or quality, or systems?  Do we have much evidence of OBA impact on quality?


      In your overview - who is usually covering M&E costs?


      Do you have a compilation of the most commonly collected indicators/outputs related to quality?


      Typically what are the M&E structures required for an effective OBA project ; what percentage of total budget is allocated?


      What are the methodological implications for evaluators (third party) of OBA?


      You say it has been challenging and expensive to use external M&E - please elaborate on this


      Can you give examples of how to use OBA for teaching materials or teacher training?


      Is there any expert pool for support in setting up and operationalization of OBA, particularly M&E?


      Are there examples where OBA verified data are linked to Ministry education management information systems?


      Do you think school tests e.g. national level exams, are a reliable indicator of quality?


      To clarify, is OBA more of an incentive rather than programmatic expense?


      There is a limit to the extent to which disbursement can be tied to academic achievement, as achievement is influenced by a number of factors that are not fully under the control of the service providers. Could you please thus elaborate on ways that can be used to address the performance risk when using OBA approach?


      Any experiences with linking the availability of inputs linked to the Results in  RBF program (e.g. additional funds for investments available depending on specific performance criteria)?