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      Hi all, in light of our recent shift to the City Climate Planner Certificate Program,  we are very keen to learn more about you! Please let us know about your country, your educational and professional background, your work, and especially about your reasons for joining other professionals in learning more about city climate planning. Thank you!

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          sofiagarro C4D Explorer

          Hello everybody. My name is Sofía Garro. I'm currently working in the project of creating the GHG inventory for Rosario city. Rosario is one of the main cities of Argentina.

          It would be very helpful if we can have access to the different trainings planned in the Program. We are you planning to launch the first training?

          Excellent iniciative. I hope we can all work togheter learning from each other and this amazing moment of trying to stop global warming.



          Sofía Garro

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              Dear Ms. Garro,

              Great to hear from you! We are currently in the development phase of the program, and are still refining the training program and curriculum. As it stands, the program is still in a closed format, until we are able to finalize all components necessary.


              That being said, please feel free to ask any questions if you have them.


              Very best,

              Deeba Yavrom

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              cesardariuz C4D Explorer

              Hello Deeba and group participants


              Im Cesar Carreño, Project Officer for ICLEI - Local governments for sustainability at its World Secretariat office in Bonn Germany. I provide technical support for Compact of Mayors project from ICLEI side reviewing GHG inventories and other requirements for the initiative. I have worked in Carbon projects since 2011 and in Agricultural sector since 2001.


              This type of platform and knowledge database is very important to me mainly because of my area of work and future career perspectives. Looking forward to dig into it.




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                  1435417 C4D Connoisseur

                  Dear Cesar,

                  Happy to have you on board! And welcome to the group. As the project moves forward we will be keeping this public space updated with developments.


                  Always here if you have any questions or need support.



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                  jlopezventura C4D Explorer

                  Hello Deeba and colleagues,


                  My name is Júlia López, European Regional Director at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. I am based in Spain. I am the main point of contact for the 19 cities that are members of C40 in the European Region. We are now supporting our cities to be fully compliant with the Compact of Mayors, therefore the knowledge and tools shared through this platform will be very important to strengthen this support.


                  All the best,


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                      Dear Julia,

                      Many thanks for your reply, and welcome to the group. Your background sounds very interesting and of course perfectly suited to be a part of this group.


                      As mentioned to Cesar, we will be keeping you all updated on project developments as we move forward. And I am always available should you have any questions or need support.


                      Warm regards,


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                      mjamieson C4D Explorer

                      Hi Deeba and collleagues,


                      My name is Max Jamieson and I manage C40's global technical assistance programme to support C40 cities with the development of GHG inventories, emission reduction targets and climate action plans. I am looking forward to using this platform to share information and lessons learned from our programme as well as to learn from the experiences of others.



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                        blopicich C4D Enthusiast



                        My name is Boris Lopicich and I am currently working at the National Congress of Chile as policymaker, especifically showing legislators prospective studies on sustainability, compared policies from other countries and regions, and progress on technological innovation. Have been writing articles about smart cities this year on the website www.bcn.cl/observatorio (in Spanish only). Currently, we are organizing a Seminar on "Smart Cities on developing contexts" for next year and I think this group will be helpful to meet professionals and people related to this topic.




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                          maurice.marquardt@aecom.com C4D Enthusiast

                          Hi Deeba, great to hear this is back on track. I have been involved in the early stages of the City Planner Certification Programme development and am looking forward to the program being rolled out globally.

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                            nadia.jethoo C4D Explorer



                            This is Nadia Jethoo, environmental scientist at the City of Toronto, Environment and Energy Division. Toronto has begun using the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories in the annual Greenhouse Gas Reporting. I provide assistance to both greenhouse gas reporting for the City as well as support for the implementation of the City's long-term carbon reduction strategy: TransformTO.


                            I also currently volunteer as the Project Manager for a grass roots non-profit organization The Foundation for Environmental Stewardship. We will be launching a youth led, engagement series across Canada, aiming to educate and empower 1 million youth across Canada about climate science and policy advocacy.


                            I look forward to this program!

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                              environment068@yahoo.co.in C4D Extraordinaire

                              Hello Dear Members,


                              I am Dr.Sukumar Kar from India. I am an entrepreneur and a social worker. I like work for betterment of society through spreading knowledge about environment cleanness and conservation of different energies.

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                                alisdaniela C4D Explorer

                                Good Morning Dear Members.


                                I`m Daniela Torres, international consultant for the ITU and Manager and Co-founder of Greencitic Ltd. At present, working on advising cities, governments and companies in their journey to become smart-sustainable cities.  I`m interested in obtaining the GPC Certificate to complement my GHG Corporate Standard Certificate to develop GHG inventories on a city level.  I`m an environmental engineer, and hold a Master Degree in Sustainable Energy Development from the University of Calgary and a Master of Advanced Studies in City Sciences from the Technical University of Madrid.


                                During my job in the last months and after finalizing my City Sciences Master, i have seen that there is lack of professionals on climate change management on a city level. I have lots of experience on corporate climate change management and would like to move to the city arena.


                                Happy to be here in this Group and willing to learn from you all.



                                Daniela Torres.

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                                  environment068@yahoo.co.in C4D Extraordinaire

                                  A brief description of my organization

                                  Global Environment Research Foundation (GERF) Kalyani, W.B. India is an autonomous center for studies, training, and research in the areas of ecology, environment, pollution monitoring & control, natural resource conservation, solid and liquid waste management, and environment audit. Other activities of the institute are environmental awareness plans. GERF is associated with various NGO’s level work.

                                  GERF involve in the refresher course of Biotechnology and environmental protection with association with schools and other institutions.

                                  GERF mainly deals with the implementation of REGP (Rural Employment Generation Programme) at a micro level because 70% of India’s population resides in the village. There is a huge reserve of natural resource in the village and the people in the village are always willing to use their talents in various fields. GERF has started generation of employment through peer motivational programs and information exchange in rural sectors.

                                  GERF is involved in various research level works in association with the university of kalyani, Dept of zoology.


                                  GERF is also enlisted NGO by planning commission, Govt. of India (Biotechnology, Disaster management, Drinking water, Food Processing, Information & Communication Technology

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                                    inigoaizpuru C4D Explorer

                                    Hi Deeba and colleagues!


                                    this is Iñigo Aizpuru, Head of Climate Change Projects in Idom Consultancy, Engineering and Architecture. Along with my team, we have developed GHG inventories in more than 20 cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, including iconic cities such as Asunción (Paraguay), Panamá (Panamá), Cusco (Perú), Belize City (Belize) or Bridgetown (Barbados).


                                    If anyone needs help with GHG inventories, here we are. Do not hesitate to contact me or my team.


                                    Best regards!

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                                      miguelrodriguezt C4D Explorer

                                      Hi all,


                                      My name is Miguel Rodríguez and I am a Project Coordinator at SASA-Servicios Ambientales S.A., a Bolivian environmental consultancy company which is currently the implementing partner of the Cities Footprint Project (www.citiesfootprint.com), through which we assist cities in Latin America to make the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient development path, by developing GPC-compliant GHG emission inventories, developing action plans and assisting in pre-investment activities. We currently work with 12 cities in 5 countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru). We are also the delivery partner of the technical assistance program of C40 in Latin America, supporting C40 member cities obtain GPC-compliant inventories and setting city-wide carbon reduction targets.


                                      Happy to be part of this community of practice and to see some familiar faces around here.


                                      All the best,