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    New project - The City Climate Planner Certificate Program

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      Dear Colleagues and Collaborators,


      With great excitement, we would like to present to you the City Climate Planner Certificate Program (CCP), a training and professional certificate program that aims to increase the global talent base of climate planning professionals. As a part of this effort, The CCP program will be taking over the previous Cities and Climate Change space to serve as the primary platform for climate planning professionals.


      Over the course of the coming year, we will be using this space to share general information about our program, provide updates, and collaborate with you all on how best to prepare our cities to tackle the challenges climate change presents.


      More information about the City Climate Planner Certificate Program can be found attached below.


      Please take some to review the materials, and please post a question if interested.


      We look forward to your contribution,


      The CCP Team



      CCP Intro