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    Draft for consultation: WRI TOD Resource Book Draft

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      Dear Members of the TOD CoP,


      WRI has developed a new resource book on TOD on which they would like to have feedback.


      This document, an intermediate outcome in the development of the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) online resource, is a static clickable PDF version that will serve as the basis for an interactive website bringing together resources developed by the WRI/EMBARQ family around the world as well as other experts.  It does not seek to provide legal or concrete implementation advice, but is an educational tool to inform readers about inclusive transit-oriented development. The final objective is to create a website that will be the “one stop shop” to find information about TOD, including all different aspects (institutional, financial, design, legal) for a policy maker, local government official, or interested party trying to have a first approximation to the TOD concept. The website will also include training materials, practical case studies, and visual conceptualizations (infographics, figures) to understand the concept of TOD.


      This objective of this document is to offer an opportunity for stakeholders and partners – like all of you --  to provide feedback on our language, conceptualization of TOD, organization of material, and analysis. The comments will be used to improve and reshape the content for the website version of the TOD Toolkit, which will likely be released in May 2016.  Additional materials will continue to be developed, and added to the list of resources. 


      This paper/PDF document gives us a chance to provide feedback so that the website will be higher quality when it is released/goes live in May 2016.  Additional materials will continue to be developed, and added to the list of resources.  Inclusion in the website means an article provides insights that the WRI team believes are useful to those considering, designing, or supporting transit-oriented development, especially in the Global South. They will continue to add additional resources as we move forward, and will seek opportunities to make the platform an integral part of other relevant platforms, and as such, an interactive and useful destination for action-oriented city officials, citizens, organizations, and those who enable and finance their activities.


      This document (and the website) is organized by subtopics that will become the basis of the website’s tabs or sections. The organization of the resources and the introductions found in this version will continue to undergo refinement, but WRI seeks to get additional inputs at this early stage given their need to share a version with a key funder in December, and then with other outside stakeholders as they develop our more dynamic website. Certain topics (Governance, Finance, and Why TOD) will be developed into separate working papers over the 2015-17 period to accompany the design documents they already have, and additional analytical and assessment tools are also under development to assist cities develop and implement TOD policies and projects.


      Please help them by identifying gaps, areas to improve, and useful cases and tools that you think would be useful to share with others around the world.  The WRI team will be happy to sit down one-on-one to discuss and looks forward to hearing comments. They are also happy to receive written comments by email to robin.king@wri.org or terra.virsilas@wri.org, copied to Gerald Ollivier (gollivier@worldbank.org).



      TODResourceBook_WRICities_DRAFT_March2016 (Draft for consultation-report: WRI TOD Resource Book Draft, December 2015)


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      Best thanks


      Gerald Ollivier