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    Is hydroponic system of crop cultivation is one of the option for addressing challange of global hunger?

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      Hydroponic system of crop cultivation is one of the most efficient system. In this system, there is a possibility to achieve multi-fold increase in crop productivity. Not only crop productivity, this also impact the qualitative aspect of crop produce.


      Past 2 years, I have been managing around 5 acres of hydroponic crop cultivation and getting encouraging response. We are doing essential oil bearing crop under controlled cultivation and that too is in hydroponic system (with cocopeat growing media). The initial indication is such that the crop is significantly superior over traditional growing system. Under traditional growing area, farmers are getting around 4 MT/acre after 3 years. But in hydroponic system we are harvesting around 35 Kg/day from 9 month old crop. The yield extrapolation is indicating that the crop is going to produce 11 MT/acre.


      With above result and other result available on hydroponic cultivation is indicating that this technology is having potential to increase crop productivity in multi-fold. So, I can say that this technology is one of the option for addressing global hunger.