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    Global warming is undoubtedly happening

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      While there are still naysayers and contrarians, the data has shown that 2016 is the hottest year on record!  Global warming is undoubtedly happening and the pace of climate change has quickened before our very eyes. It is scientifically accepted that the Earth experiences climate change at varying degrees across millennia.  We know that millions of years ago most of the Earth was covered with Ice, and then the melting process caused the creation of large bodies of water that cover most of the surface leaving significant areas of dry land for Humans to inhabit.


      There is cyclical cooling and heating of the Earth's surface and atmosphere that creates an environmental balance with which various forms of life have become adapted; such that settled communities we know as cities and countries have emerged and are expanding rapidly. But human habitat on land is constantly threatened by the advance of the oceans due to further warming that occurs at an accelerated pace; which occurs unpredictably and occasionally with devastating effects. There is evidence that some of the factors that lead to this increasing rate of warming are caused by activities created and promoted by Humans. That is the very simple explanation of what has come to be known as 'Global Warming'.


      What do we know about global warming? Six graphics that explain climate change http://bbc.in/1NcJoP7

      Let's discuss this issue dispassionately.  Your comments are welcome.