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    Feedback on 'The End of the Asian Century' by Michael Austin

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      There was a thought-provoking article on the American Enterprise Institute website I read today [The end of the Asian Century: War, stagnation, and the risks to the world’s most dynamic region - http://www.aei.org/publication/the-end-of-the-asian-century-war-stagnation-and-the-risks-to-the-worlds-most-dynamic-region/comment-page-1/#comment-167386 ], promoting the new book by Michael Austin. 

      Austin posits, "... the globalization that we continue to celebrate has its dark side as well. If an economic or security crisis erupted in Asia, it would reverberate around our increasingly interconnected world. Those risks are festering, some visible, others still hidden. The number one priority for the countries of the Asia-Paciļ¬c, and the rest of the world, over the coming decade is managing and mitigating the risks that threaten the Asian Century."

      I would like to urge members of this platform to review this article and come back to this platform to share your thoughts.  Especially for those of you who might have read or be reading his book, your comments will be very welcomed. 

      Globalization processes certainly seem to have not been well understood, certainly by those who may have lost jobs as industries have moved to places where labor was cheaper.   Equally, I wondered how much Mr. Austin knew about the works of the Korean international development agency (EPIS)?  The importance of knowledge hubs, and collaborative development efforts as we move forward on Agenda 2030 is certainly a hot topic on this platform in many of the groups that I visit.