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    Sun Buckets: solar cooking innovation

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      I think everyone should be aware of this amazing innovation! 

      Dear All,

      I am a newcomer to Collaboration for Development but I’ve spent a fair bit  of time in the household energy sector in developing Vanuatu.

      I am fascinated by solar cooking these days.  There are many potential socio-economic and environmental benefits of solar cooking and they are all very seductive.  Just thinking about fuel-free and emission-free cooking is intoxicating.

      However, it seems that it is difficult to achieve the potential benefits of solar cooking (especially in the developing world) largely because those that dwell in hot climates (which is where much of the developing world seems to be located) have developed lifestyles that minimize exposure to the sun whereas most methods of solar cooking require the cook to be out in the sun, often at times of the day that aren’t typical cooking times.  These facts make the difficult task of changing the cooking habits of cooks even more challenging.

      But it appears as though the Sun Bucket http://www.sunbuckets.com/  “cracks all of these nuts.”  This amazing innovation is “charged” with the heat of sunshine and the heat is stored in a “sun bucket” (phase change “”battery”) where it can be used when (like in the evening or early morning) and where (like inside a kitchen) it is needed. It cooks as hot as cooking on fire and existing cooking pots and pans can be used so there is minimal need for changes in cooking behavior.  It also seems very affordable.  I guess it’s what they call transformational.

      It looks as though a Sun Bucket should be a part of every integrated coking scheme (solar cooking when it's sunny, using an Improved Cook Stove when it's not, and maybe using a retained heat cooker with both) everywhere the sun shines in the developing world.  I can hardly wait for the Sun Bucket to be unleashed to the world-wide market of cooks that could really use them.

      Best wishes for the coming year.

      David Stein