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    [CCP Action Item]: a survey on e-learning courses

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      ***Please note that survey deadline has been extended to Friday, February 10***


      The City Climate Planner Program (CCP) is an initiative of the World Bank and global partners to train and certify local-level climate professionals in several key areas of climate planning.  The program is piloting its first module now, which focuses on city-level greenhouse gas emission inventory specialists. It has a special emphasis on the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Emission Inventories (GPC), a standard for city-scale inventories that is endorsed by major international bodies and city networks.


      The CCP Program has developed and piloted a number of in-person trainings on “How to build a city-level GHG emission inventory” in 2016. To support more in-depth review of how to conduct an emission inventory, the program is currently exploring ways to make some short online modules to be available on our online platform, Collaboration for Development (C4D). We are currently evaluating topics for short e-learning courses and would like to hear your suggestions and preferences.


      We would really appreciate if you could answer this quick survey by following the link: The World Bank Group City Climate Planner Program Survey. This survey will be open until Friday, February 10. Thank you and we look forward to your participation.



      City Climate Planner Certificate Program