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    Local Content Perception Survey - Please kindly take 15 minutes to participate!

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      Dear friends of ELLED,

      DAI (a development company based in Washington D.C), in partnership with Georgetown University, is conducting a brief survey designed to enhance the industry's understanding of the challenges presented by local content policies (LCPs) to extraction projects across the globe.

      Through your participation, the answers from this survey will be analyzed for ways to anticipate and diagnose common problems, enhance strategic decision-making and learn from best practices. Additionally, we will try to quantify the costs related to local content compliance in the oil, gas and mining sectors in different regions across the globe.

      A comprehensive analytical report of this survey's findings will be made available to all participants by the middle of May. It is our sincerest hope to get as many responses as possible to ensure a significant data-set.

      This survey should take you no more than 15 minutes. Please send any feedback or questions to

      Please 'click' on the following link to access the survey:





      Thank you so much for your participation.




      Warwick Strong

      Senior Manager