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    The PORTAL - Online development tool

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      Wow, I have just completed a week in Washington, DC, and was pleased by the opportunity that the WBG group provided me to attend a Community Managers training in person.  But I had to leave a second event (Book Club) because I had an appointment for a real-time talk with a young Syrian refugee in Erbil, Iraq.  https://www.ushmm.org/information/exhibitions/museum-exhibitions/the-portal


      I would like to encourage WBG staff and consultants, not already aware of this technology, to visit the 2nd floor exhibit at the Holocaust Museum soon, and if possible set up your own real time chat to help you consider how important it could be as a tool to speed up the pace of global development during Agenda 2030...   (Reservations are required www.ushmm.org


      Digressing for a moment, I recall what a senior Afghan government official said to me in Tampa.  "Afghanistan has tens of thousands of recent graduates, from almost every city and village in every province, and we need to figure out how to help them get employed'....   Imagine if they could link to C4D and its knowledge troves to help facilitate development efforts in every city and village in every province of Afghanistan.   Isn't that an idea that might be replicated globally to help bring new players to the table???


      I hope this post can begin a dialogue.