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    What are the issues around global interest in Africa's medical plants?

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      Science News’ says there is now a high chance to rely on an African plant for the cure of Alzheimer, the disease that has been killing billionaires and global leaders around the world, including President Ronald Reagan of America. The plant is common in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Nigeria as Fulani cattle herders in these countries often use it as a whip to move their cows from one grazing place to another in search of greener pastures. Hence the common name of the plant is "cattle stick", a small tree or shrub which grows up to 15 feet high. Its scientific name is Carpolobia lutea. A new study led by the University of Nottingham researchers shows that the extract taken from the leaves, stem and roots of the plant can protect chemical messengers in the human brain which play a vital role in the brain’s functions, including memory, retention, learning and nervous stability. This development is happening at a time of growing criticisms that Western, Chinese and Indian universities are often the ones identifying such plants in Africa for the rescue of the rest of the world without adequate compensation for the loss in both economic and ecological terms and without the adequate participation of African universities and research organizations in the process.