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    Is a corporate priority in conflicts with a development priority here?

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      A recent Newsweek headline reads "CHINESE MEDICINE IS USING DONKEY SKINS TO BOOST MALE LIBIDO: AND AFRICA’S ANIMALS ARE AT RISK". Newsweek says the Chinese herbal mixture is called EJIAO. But EJIAO is not about curing a life-threatening disease. Instead EJIAO about making men sexually potent. Is this a development priority or corporate profit maximization priority. Who suffers as the demand for EJIAO gets high in the Chinese market? The sufferers are of course poor South African farmers who rely on Donkeys. Newsweek says “in South Africa, poor farmers who rely on donkeys as beasts of burden and modes of transport have reported having their animals stolen, only to later find their skinless carcasses. EJIAO is a product made from boiled-down donkey skins mixed with herbs and other ingredients.


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