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    Introduce yourself to the group, just click "reply" (if you are a group member)

    870709 C4D Extraordinaire

      Since the Green Finance Community of Practice (CoP) cuts across many disciplines around the globe... Kindly, Introduce yourself to the group.

      This is a "Discussion Question" so you just need to click "Reply":

      1. If you receive this by email notification, then just Reply to the email and it will post on this discussion thread
      2. If you log into C4D and you are a "Member" of this group, then you should be able to click "Reply" in the bottom of this message.
      3. If you want to include a "Photo", then click "Reply" and then click on "Advanced" editor - the camera icon allows you to upload a photo.
      4. You can also "Reply" to the "Reply" from any other member that posts - perhaps to ask a follow-up question

      We look forward to learning and sharing with you.