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    The Belt and Road Initiative - greening infrastructure finance

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      I have really been thinking a lot about how we could green the financing of infrastructure, given the amount of investments in infrastructure that will be flowing in via : ADB, World Bank, AIIB and NDB. One of the ideas I had was actually linking sustainability criteria with procurement so as to

      I wanted to know whether you all had chanced upon any practical examples of this?

      Also the attached document highlights some ways the Belt Road Initiative is leading in the green finance space. Interesting read- wondering whether this uses legitimate green finance instruments or a green wash. Keen to know your thoughts.

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          Dear Leela,


          thank you for opening this essential topic for discussion.

          Designing infrastructure development in a more sustainable way brings great scope for carbon emission savings, during works and in operation/end of life.


          (1) Do I understand correctly that you are looking to get practical examples of green government procurement criteria for public works contracts?

          Such criteria would be a fantastic way to incorporate (a) green(er) construction materials which can be easier dismantled re-used/recycled/etc. at the end of use/end of life stage, (b) environmental conscious implementation of the works process, and (c) taking into consideration resources consumption and environmental footprints during the use and maintenance phases (e.g., if we are talking roads: reducing emissions from traffic through corresponding road surfaces, and robustness of the road).

          For Indonesia, I remember, some years back there was a larger project funded by Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC/MCA) looking into improving public procurement. This included, if I am not mistaken, sustainability criteria for selected products and procurement processes; not sure if that addressed services such as for infrastructure... DKI Jakarta has a green building code applicable for new buildings, perhaps you can get some leads from IFC who are in charge for this.


          (2) Have you already looked into sample sets of criteria that are being used, or that are proposed to be used, in more advanced countries and/or municipalities? (3) Who are the leaders in sustainable infrastructure procurement?


          I'll have a look into the pdf on the Belt Road Initiative you provided, and come back on it in a separate message.


          Best regards