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    Swimming in sewage: World ignores Gaza's waste water crisis

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      The Palestinian Environmental Quality Authority (PEQA) said that almost 50 percent of the beach is polluted by raw and partially treated sewage. It advised the people of Gaza to abide by its warnings and swim only in the safe zones that are far from the sewage estuaries.

      According to a recent UN report, 110 million liters of raw or partially treated sewage is poured into Gaza's sea daily, as a result of long power outages.

      On 16 April 2017, Gaza's sole power plant was shut down after it ran out of fuel reserves, leaving over two million Gazans in darkness for around 20 hours each day. Before the current power crisis, the sewage was pumped through treatment stations in Gaza, where it went through two stages.

      Gaza’s infrastructure has been destroyed in three wars with Israel since 2007 and with the Israeli blockade in place, it has been extremely difficult to rebuild.

      The rapid population growth in the small strip has not helped the situation either.  Also, Marine life has been harmed by the environmental disaster as well. Fish feed on solid waste from sewage water in a sea where over fishing has already depleted marine life.

      But in fact, ordinary people are paying the price!!!