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    Looking for qualified individuals from city governments to take the pilot exam

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      The City Climate Planner Certificate Program (CCP) is excited to announce the last pilot delivery of the certification exam for Urban GHG Inventory Specialists.  The team is looking for qualified individuals from city governments to take the exam in late August - September.


      As you know, CCP has collaborated with experts around the world to develop a certification exam for local- or city-scale GHG emission inventory specialists. It must be piloted prior to being released publicly in this fall/winter and we have successfully piloted once in Fall 2016 and the second time in Winter 2017 with your help and support. We are asking CCP partners to help recruit qualified individuals to take the pilot exam via a secure online platform at the end of August or beginning of September. Individuals who take the pilot exam will have the opportunity to become certified as Urban GHG Emission Inventory Specialists in the future.


      We are seeking individuals with a range of experience in creating local-scale emission inventories. Participants should have a solid understanding of the practical and methodological processes involved in undertaking a local GHG emission inventory – from the planning stages to data management and reporting. In particular, individuals will need to be knowledgeable about the Global Protocol for Community-Scale GHG Emission Inventories (GPC), which makes up the core content of the exam. Study materials will be provided prior to taking the exam so individuals will have the opportunity to more closely study the GPC specifics. Detailed information on eligibility requirement, recertification requirement, and terms and conditions can be found in the application.


      Please help us recruit test-takers by reaching out selectively to your network of practitioners. You can direct them to the online application form here ( https://goo.gl/forms/2MykA72ZLYnp57iY2). We ask candidates to submit applications by Friday, August 18, 2017. We will contact selected candidates during the week of 21st to begin scheduling 90-minute exam times for individuals in late August or early September.


      Please feel free to send questions to cityclimateplanner@worldbank.org.


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          I am curious about this certification program and have a few questions:

          1. Is the exam and certification is open to consultants, or is this is only for local government staff? (It looks like the answer is yes based on the brief page, but I just wanted to confirm.)
          2. What is the timeline of training and learning/support?
          3. Where in California are the in-person training sessions offered?
          4. What is the estimated amount of time needed to attend the training sessions and study for the exam?
          5. When will the exam take place?
          6. Since this is a pilot program, what is the timeline for obtaining the actual certification in the future, and what are the next steps after successful completion of the exam toward obtaining the certification?
          7. How long is the certification good for?
          8. What agencies/organizations will be using the certification program as a credential?
          9. What are the other benefits of the certification for consultants?


          I tried emailing cityclimateplanner@worldbank.org but did not receive a response.