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    Emissions Factors for Ethanol

    michael_dean_iclei C4D Explorer

      Wondering if anyone can lend some insight into correct emissions factors for ethanol based fuels. Specifically, whether to count CO2 emissions from the ethanol component of the fuel as biogenic. So, for example, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) lists the emission factor for e85 gasoline as being 1.61 kg/L, however, we have been using something closer to 0.35 kg/L. The discrepancy between these two seems to be that NRCan includes the CO2 from the ethanol component of the fuel (1.5 kg/L), whereas the 0.35 value only includes the CH4 and N2O and treats the carbon as biogenic. Does anyone have any thoughts on which is the correct methodology? Should CO2 emissions from ethanol be allocated to biogenic emissions? Which CO2e factors have people used for these types of fuels?