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    Experience with green digital finance? Examples, opinions, thoughts?

    kmzz C4D Connoisseur

      Dear all,


      Fintech is part of a broader digital revolution, which also includes Big Data, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. The topic as such might not be totally new, but exploring the benefits for "green and socially responsible" development might be novel to many of us.

      During the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos (Jan 2017), a Green Digital Finance Alliance was launched to further explore the potential of digital finance to catalyse green finance. The alliance (initiated by ANT Financial Services Group and UNEP) brings together financial institutions committed to using digital technology to advance green finance in lending, investment and insurance.

      The qualities of digital finance / fintech include enabling low-cost financial inclusion, transparent transactions and links to big data. I believe this article "Greening Digital Finance" by Simon Zadek, Co-Director of the UNEP Inquiry into Design Options for a Sustainable Financial System provides a great starting point for anyone interested in the topic.

      • Who of you has experience with green fintech?
      • Is perhaps any of you involved in the GDFA or other initiatives on the topic?
      • What are elements of green digital finance?
      • Are there any pioneering cases that you would like to highlight/share?
      • What is your implementation experience with green digital finance?
      • Any thoughts on the topic?

      By sharing your thoughts and learnings with all of us, we can shape the topic further and create a knowledge base.


      Best regards,