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    Local based food preserving and processing zone: why? Is sometimes excess production of foods the curse for rural people?

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      When the farmers produce the huge number of crops, vegetable, fruits, etc. they can’t preserve these specially the products get rotten. So, either those products are destroyed or rotten or the farmers sell those products to the middle man in a very low price at that time. Most of the time it is hard for them to earn the production cost. Though there are huge demands of those products in every area of a country, but the mischievous middlemen take the opportunity to buy those food items in a very cheap price. Because they know that there are no place and capacity of the poor farmers to store these products and have no market linkage and market access at that time. On the other hand, at first the middle men store those food items in their Warehouse and Cold Storage, some of them are processed and the rest amount are sold in the demanding areas of cities and towns in high price by making an artificial crisis of foods.

      In this way, many farmers can’t make profit, though they produce huge amount of crops, vegetables, fruits, etc. Sometimes they can’t earn the real production cost and lose money. The customers also lose money. So, what we say- the curse of bumper production?

      Everyone knows that the developing and under developed countries have poor economy, which is the biggest obstacle of the country’s development. Several types of corruptions are another main obstacle of proper development. The Governments of those countries have no ability to do development work in every area at a time and because of several types of corruptions they also waste their money. So it is not possible for them to establish Warehouse, Cold Storage etc. in every rural area at a time.

      But it is more than easy to the farmers and rural people to establish these types of storage in their area by taking unite efforts. They need not to wait for the Government’s initiatives! If they wish, they can be united, form a group or organization; create a social fund by collecting money from the local people. After gathering necessary money they will establish Warehouse, Cold Storage, etc. in their area by using that fund.

      The Government of developing and underdeveloped countries, especially in Asia and Africa should encourage these types of social enterprises. The national and international NGOs, donors and voluntary organizations can aware the rural people to do it and encourage by supporting them; give them fund, technologies, materials, etc. Microfinance or financial institutions of those countries may give flexible loans with low interest rate to the social groups created by the farmers and rural people under a friendly loan policy. Also Government, NGOs and other social organizations should strengthen the value chain system and take initiatives to make market linkage for the rural farmers.

      Local community driven development initiatives can change local economy, can do more local development and in this the way the country will be developed smoothly!

      Community Driven Development – Happy People, Happy Country.


      For details writing please see the attachment or click on the link --- Local community driven initiatives-2 -                                      Building Warehouse, Cold Storage etc by united effort of local people: can change the food production scenario