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    Green Bonds in Emerging Markets: An Introduction

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      For beginners* in the green finance field, recent presentation at the World Bank (below) provides a useful overview of green bonds.


      A vault of knowledge on Green Bonds is also available at the World Bank Treasury at What-are-Green-Bonds-Home


      Questions? Just ask.


      *Not a beginner? Next post will be for you.


      Thursday, August 24, 2017 | 12:30-2:00pm | Room: MC 6-860

      This BBL is organized by Climate Change Group, ENR GP and Environmental Health and Pollution Management GSG


      Overview: Since IBRD issued the first “green” labeled bond in 2008, the green bond market has grown rapidly. MDBs were predominant in the early stage, but since 2014, other issuers such as national/local governments and corporate issuers have become the dominant force in the market. As of June 30, 2017, green bond issuance by non-MDBs reached 80% of the US$250 billion market.


      Governments, financial institutions, and corporations in developing countries are increasingly participating in the green bond market. On the supply side, examples of issuers include YES Bank in India, City of Cape Town, Bank of Nanjing in China, Mexico City, Agricultural Bank of China, and Quantum Solar Park Malaysia. On the demand side, buyers of these bonds include national pension funds, insurance companies, other financial institutions, religious organizations, and foundations.


      This BBL will present the growing uptake of green bonds in emerging markets in the context of growing international interest in how the finance system can become more supportive of sustainable and climate-resilient development. 


      Chair: Benoit Blarel (Practice Manager, GEN05)




      Dan Biller (Sector Manager, MIGA)


      Olha Krushelnytska (Operations Officer, GEF)


      Concepcion Aisa Otin (Senior Financial Officer, TRE)


      Presenters: Laura Tlaiye


      Laura Tlaiye is the former Sustainability Advisor for the World Bank Treasury. She has worked on environment and climate change issues for the past 25 years, including in her previous position as Manager for Environment in the Sustainable Development Network of the World Bank. She played a key role in the Bank’s contribution to the development of the green bond market. She focused on selecting the portfolio of projects that are supported by World Bank Green Bonds and on defining the reporting approach that informs investors about project results. Laura retired in June 2016 and is currently a consultant assisting the government of Malaysia in the definition of its strategy to promote green financial instruments, including green bonds.