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    How do we engage external audiences for greater impact?

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      Hi everyone,


      I'm Diana and I've recently joined this group. I have a background in communication and social innovation and I've worked with online communities of social entrepreneurs globally to support their access to technology and funding in order to advance their work. I'm interested in building a stronger bond and community between the knowledge generators (NGOs, international organizations, academia and policy makers) and the knowledge beneficiaries (those small entrepreneurs and communities around the world).

      Looking for best practice sharing on this topic. Is there social media integration with this platform to engage and host roundtable discussions on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, etc?

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          leosammallahti C4D Explorer

          I would also mention Wikipedia. I remember reading in 2015 that the number of editors has declined and if I remember correctly, the situation has got worse. It's a perhaps the greatest example of a international non-profit platform for sharing knowledge.


          If anyone has ideas how to go around that I would be happy to hear. For example, if there's list of articles to be written I can volunteer to help write about them. I have written few articles to Wikipedia and can also help with the technicalities of adding content there. It's very easy .