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    Building a Porsche 356 (1962) from the Ground UP!!!

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      I have been meaning to contact   Kara Adamon, Private sector specialist, GHNGE to ask her to work closely with their core team.   Building a community is serious business in these energetic times after the UNGA in New York has come to a close.  Agenda 2030 is ramping up (while I have been taking care of the initial development and recovery of a 1956 automobile).    Boy am I out of the loop!   Data informed urban planning is happening at the speed of light around me...   It is great to be living in southern California.

      All the while, I have been coming up to speed on  the future work of the  “MSP C4D Community Manager”.   My first involvement with a county-level Health Systems Agency was just after I had left military service, where I had been stationed as a rotating battalion level soldier, going back and forth to the Korean demilitarized zone in 1969-70.   Health care has been a major topic of preoccupation for me throughout my career. 

      The scope of work for the MSP C4D CM was very enticing to me:



      The consultant will be responsible for the development and growth of the community by facilitating connections among members, managing its platform on a weekly basis, and providing ongoing advice to the team. This will include:


      • Platform Launch and Management: Coordinating the layout and design of the online community on C4D and post its anchor content. Developing a launch plan for the online community. Performing administrative duties such as sending invitations to join, accepting/rejecting membership requests, monitoring relevance of content, moderating discussions if needed, and responding to members’ technical issues by rapidly contacting the platform support team. 
      • Membership: Getting to know the participants, their needs, and challenges, and helping them connect with one another to develop valuable relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Identifying and cultivating community champions that are willing to take on responsibilities and co-leadership roles within the community. 
      • Strategy: Working closely with the participants and the team to set annual priorities and desired outcomes, and develop a strategy based on member feedback and program goals.
      • Activities and Content: Based on community strategy, developing a calendar of activities related to the interest of the online community. Tasks may include creating relevant content, initiating relevant discussions, making sure that that the participants, the team, and the core group are creating content and participating, organizing online activities (webinars, e-discussions, chats, etc.), organizing offline events (core group meetings including drafting agendas and minutes of the meetings, panel discussions, workshops, conferences, etc.)
      • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting: Documenting community’s engagement and outputs, and capturing the outcomes. Identifying key performance indicators and metrics, and developing a tracking and measurement system.
      • Other support as needed


      I was very pleased to note the 75 day consultancy would cover an extended period through June 2018.   I'm hoping to be finishing a course at California State University Palm Desert campus about that time, and to have introduced a ton of students and young professionals, not to speak of qualified and experienced retirees and professionals to the Sustainable Development Goal challenge.