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    Refugees, Migrants, IDPs = Protecting People on the Move Using SDG Challenge Planning and Budgeting

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      I almost started to mark this as a question, but wanted to give greater scope for thought.  One of the international organizations that I have yet to work for, but which has given me so much - the International Red Cross movement of players has published a great article on this subject http://blogs.icrc.org/law-and-policy/2017/10/09/refugees-migrants-idps-protecting-people-on-the-move-without-distinction/?utm_source=ICRC+Law+%26+Policy+Forum+Newsletter&utm_campaign=70c2f1173d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_10_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8eeeebc66b-70c2f1173d-79069933&mc_cid=70c2f1173d&mc_eid=60b3865ea2


      I'm preparing for several months of advocacy on the part of global refugees, which will include travel, hopefully to South and Central Asia.  I have begun to research countries, where I hope to be traveling, in terms of the SDG country plans and objectives for achieving successes in all 17 goals.  I also would like to hear from C4D professionals who may wrote or have knowledge of those countries provide comments on how countries might incorporate Green Financing into projects that include care and maintenance for refugee and IDP populations within their borders.


      Looking forward to your responses...