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    Green finance opportunities in ASEAN (Nov 2017, DBS/UN Env)

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      Herewith I would like to share with you the latest collaborative report by DBS and UN Environment on ASEAN's Green Finance opportunities. It' is a well-illustrated report zooming into the 10 AMS in a meaningful way, providing valuable case examples. Let me know your opinions. Best, Karin


      ASEAN is undergoing transformational changes as it adapts to climate change and pivots towards a more sustainable path of development. The role of financial institutions is significant in this transition. By providing financing solutions through their core expertise, from lending to catalysing capital markets, financial institutions can tap into an immense and increasingly critical opportunity while creating positive impact. In addition, for solutions to be effective in ASEAN, the unique features of this region must be considered. This report will be relevant to many, including: Financial institutions looking to understand the nature of this fast-growing investment opportunity; Policy makers interested in market and financial system development, and Civil society organisations working on harnessing the power of financial and capital markets to deliver environmental and societal goals.

      >> Report (herewith attached) and Infographic an be accessed via the DBS website.

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          Thanks karin merle  I like.. HOW THIS REPORT IS STRUCTURED...


          This report comprises five sections. In Section 1 and 2, the report outlines why green finance in ASEAN is needed (Section 1) and introduces the concept of green finance (Section 2). This sets the scene for the following parts.

          In Section 3 the report looks at the demand for green finance in ASEAN and the characteristics of this demand. It provides estimates of the green investment demand from both a top-down and bottom-up (or sectoral) perspective.

          Section 4 considers the current and expected future supply of green finance.

          Finally, in Section 5, the report considers the current barriers to matching demand and supply in ASEAN and outlines potential solutions to overcome these barriers.