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    Experience with fund-raising for eco-tourism project?

    kmzz C4D Expert

      Dear all,


      this is a re-posting of an earlier posting done by john oljace (as I would like to provide it more prominence). John would like to learn about funding opportunities for his eco-health adventure park project.

      Who in this community can share his/her experience or provide recommendations how and where to fund-raise for such a project?  Please share your expertise below. Thank you!


      With best regards,



      John posted the following:

      I joined this group to share my new business, Eco-health Adventure Park, Inc.

      Here is a recent post about the park: (I am not asking anyone here to donate)

      EHAP will be the only all-inclusive Adventure Park attached to Sian Ka'an - a biosphere reserve in the municipality of Tulum in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It was established in 1986 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.[2]


      My hope is I can learn for others here some funding options as I have not raised money for 25 years!

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          johnoljaceadventurer C4D Explorer

          My gratitude to you Karin!


          I am only seeking funding from those who see the value of our value proposition.

          Yes we can return 18-20 times an investment, but our team/tribe wants an investor who truly values our proposition and wants to be active in the project.


          Thanks so much Karin for reaching out!

          John O.

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              kmzz C4D Expert

              Dear John,


              over the last few years you might have heard about the potential of crowdfunding as a funding source to support innovative ideas, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and meaningful projects. Crowdfunding makes use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites to bring investors and entrepreneurs together.

              • To understand how crowdfunding works, please check the following articles:
              • Advantages: Crowdfunding does not only create a supportive community of backers behind your idea, but your business or product will like get more media exposure, press, PR, and blog coverage when you crowdfund your idea. It also a good way to test your idea on potential consumers before you invest your time and money.


              Raising crowd-funded money needs a well-thought out crowdfunding campaign.


              Specifically in the tourism sector, perhaps get inspired by what TravelStarter offers, which is a start-up and global crowdfunding platform for the tourism industry. It enables travellers to support local projects at their next destination and receive “travel perks” (like a free place to stay or free professional photographs of their trip) in exchange. It creates local and meaningful encounters, and supports sustainable and responsible businesses directly, where you travel.

              >> This article provides insights into TravelStarter’s business model and market size, but is already 2.5 years old (May 2014)…. So perhaps someone in the community has more up-to-date info on that.



              To what extent is the above helpful to you and the initiative? Or to others in the community?

              What are other forms of funding which could support John’s fundraising?