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    Agricultural zoning regulated on the basis of climate-research? Finance for that?

    kmzz C4D Master

      Dear all

      this is a re-post from the introduction round ( Jorge Llanos Pedraja ), to give Jorge's questions prominence for all of you to participate in providing feedback.

      I hope other Green Finance members may relate to this challenge personally or professionally.

      Thank you and best wishes,



      Jorge had posted the following:

      "Currently, we are developing sustainable means for conserving agricultural areas within zoning and land use regulations which are constantly beaten by hazardous climate change."

      1. My first question is, considering that changes in climate may harden or may occur and that improvisation is the only means to deal how does green finance approach these circumstances?  In the recovery of families disposed of dwellings, loss of members, etc. In 2014, I suggested that we should reserve agricultural areas from development due to climate change and a law was passed by the government willingly protecting all agricultural areas from being absorbed by urbanization. Right now we have begun green agriculture from traditional farming methods which do not provide crop conservation from pesticides and vulnerability to chemical ingredients. Therefore, for the first time, I was able to buy a product that is produced free of an artificial or industrialized system. And it tastes better than the industrialized foods. While I was in New York, there are stores that are natural produce.
      2. My second question is, does green finance favor or support these methods? The reason is that we have to develop a system of farming that can be "out of reach of climate changes" and effects, and I mean not only us.
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          kmzz C4D Master

          Dear Jorge Llanos Pedraja - to make it easier for some of us to attend your questions, please help me clarify what exactly you would like to discuss/find out:


          Question 1: Which of the following is your question?

            • 1A. How does green finance incorporate the likely effects of climate change?, or
            • 1B. How does green finance incorporate the need to improvise when adapting to the effects of climate change?
            • 1C. Other. Please specify

          Also, the platform is full of different disciplines, so perhaps for those that have not worked on land-use aspects before, could you elaborate the "zoning regulated on the basis of climate-research" for your specific example?


          • Question 2: Is my reading correct?
            • Are there green finance instruments which support non-chemical (agricultural/food) production of food, who are the funders (government incentives, private sector/supply chain e.g. buyer organisation), and how do these finance instruments work?

          Thank you for a brief explanation from your side.

          Best, Karin