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    Hewlett Foundation announces $600 million philanthropic commitment to climate change

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      Taken from online press release : https://www.hewlett.org/newsroom/william-flora-hewlett-foundation-announces-600-million-philanthropic-commitment-climate…


      The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation announced today that it will donate $600 million over a five-year period from 2018-2023 to nonprofits globally working on solving climate change.

      The pledge comes on the eve of President Macron’s December 12 convening of global government, business, and philanthropic sector leaders, one goal of which is to enlist private and public financing for the worldwide effort to implement the Paris agreement. The Hewlett Foundation plans to participate in this Summit and in efforts to increase charity funding for climate solutions globally. Its climate pledge is the single largest funding commitment made in the foundation’s 51-year history, and represents a 20 percent increase in its climate-related charitable donations.


      The Hewlett Foundation’s charitable donations will support nonpartisan, non-profit organizations working on transitioning energy systems from fossil fuels to renewable energy, with the goal of limiting global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius by 2050 and avoiding unprecedented, widespread human suffering. The foundation’s donations will be focused in the biggest emitting countries and regions of the world: the United States, China, India, and Europe, supporting organizations that: conduct scientific research and policy analysis, offer policy makers much-needed technical expertise on energy systems and transitions, advocate on behalf of a wide range of communities and constituencies, promote private-public partnerships to achieve national and state clean energy goals, and convene leaders through best-practice and expertise-sharing networks in these geographies. The foundation will also look to support organizations that are integrating solutions across sectors to overcome our long-term energy challenges, as well as organizations fostering public-private partnerships to finance clean energy systems, and encouraging private investment for the commercial deployment of viable new technologies.


      Online at www.hewlett.org.