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    Humanitarian Futures: Capacities for 21st century Organizations

    wt48 C4D Extraordinaire

      Policy makers are certainly busy working on ways forward in the future.   How our organizations will be responding unfolding events which change the relevance of the programming already agreed upon, and indeed, being implemented, is important. 


      An online Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP) webinar in December 2017, is a preface I would make to set the stage to guide any discussions that might follow https://phap.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=433#recording     I posed a question (24:30) about how to generate and use 'big data' for strategically approaching the plan changes.


      The unfolding humanitarian crisis in one of the most undeveloped regions left in this world - the area where Myanmar, Bangladesh and India come together - is certainly very complex, with both large scale refugee and stateless populations which have been driven from their homes,  Villages and towns in the greater region certainly must contain high percentages of the 'bottom billion'.  Infrastructure is poor, communications capabilities are worse, and conflict is ripe.  How do we move forward finding durable solutions?