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    GPOBA Webinar on Results-Based Financing for Municipal Solid Waste

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      In cities around the world, waste generation rates are rising and with them the urgent need for effective waste management systems. No where is this need more apparent than in low income countries where the lack of infrastructure and funding dedicated to solid waste management has significant health and environmental consequences.

      The Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) hosted a webinar that explored how results-based financing (RBF) can improve municipal solid management and address disparities in systems that often exclude poor and marginalized individuals.

      Hosted by Marcus Lee, a Senior Urban Economist with the Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience Global Practice (SURR) of the World Bank, and moderated by Yara Salem, a Senior Infrastructure Specialist with GPOBA, the webinar examined seven case studies that utilized results-based approaches to solid waste management.

      A municipal finance expert with substantial experience working in solid waste management, Marcus argues that the fundamental challenge facing the solid waste sector is financing, and more specifically, the “sustainable financing of operations.” Through his exploration of case studies in Nepal, the West Bank, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Jamaica, Marcus presents RBF as an approach that offers a sustainable solid waste management solution for local governments.  

      In addition to the case studies, Marcus offers lessons learned from his work in the municipal solid waste sector, as well as best practices on using RBF in solid waste management. Marcus’ presentation is followed by a thoughtful question and answer dialogue between Marcus, Yara, and webinar viewers.

      For the full municipal solid waste webinar, presentation, and other related materials, go here.