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    Is anyone from this group attending the Global SDG7 Conference in Bangkok? (21-23Feb)

    wt48 C4D Extraordinaire

      The aim of the Global SDG7 Conference is to prepare substantive input on review of SDG7 during the High-Level Political Forum in 2018. It intends to facilitate exchange of lessons, insights and experiences to-date among member states and all stakeholders and consider challenges and opportunities for furthering progress towards 2030. More specifically, it will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss:

      • Trends and gaps toward the achievement of SDG7;
      • Interlinkages between SDG7 and other SDGs;
      • Means of implementation, including finance, capacity building and innovation;
      • Key areas of opportunities for action by policy makers and all stakeholders on achieving SDG7 and leveraging its interlinkages with other SDGs in support of the 2030 Agenda.




      Anyone planning to attend, PLEASE post your comments and observations on this page to generate discussions....