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    Inquiry or Request for information on Grievance Redress Mechanism

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      Dear C4D Forum members,


      I am seeking for information and guidance on the implementation of a Grievance Redress (Handling) Mechanism.


      I South Sudan, we are implementing a Governance Project called; Local Governance and Services Delivery Project (LGSDP); which has 3 major programmatic components: Development Grant, Community Engagement and Institutional Strengthening.


      Grievance Redress Mechanims was introduced mid-way in the project; but it has not picked well to date; the numbers of feedback (grievances) are not big, for example we introduced the GRM in 2016, to date we received less than 100 grievances/compliments/inquiries. This is a big concern; we have learnt a lot of lessons on that and we are trying to improve before the project ends in yrs.



      1. Can any one share with us their grievance uptake forms, regsiters (data collections tools) for us to compare and learn from?

      2. Any expereince to share from a Country with a similar background like South Sudan (Fragile state)?

      3. Any other useful information to share?


      Your support will be appreciated,


      Charles (South Sudan)