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    Green Bond Pledge aimed at Cities, Government & Corporates - and Investors

    kmzz C4D Expert

      Have a look at the newly launched Green Bond Pledge (20 March 2018). The Green Bond Pledge allows cities, public authorities and world’s largest corporates to show their commitment to an increased use of "green bond finance". Long-term infrastructure and capital projects - often financed via public and private sector bonds - shall increasingly address and incorporate climate risk and impacts.

      The Pledge seeks to reinforce the goals of the Paris Agreement 2015. It's initial aim is to gather momentum in the run up to the September 2018 Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, with the campaign continuing into 2019 [pdf doc for agencies, government and corporates]. There is a parallel effort which addresses the investor community [pdf doc for investor community]

      The Green Bond Pledge is a joint initiative developed and designed by international climate finance and environmental groups including the Climate Bonds Initiative, Mission 2020, CDP, Ceres, Citizens Climate Lobby, California Governor's Office, California Treasurer's Office, Global Optimism, NRDC & The Climate Group.

      Find the discussion on LinkedIn as well.