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    How can a Green Finance... Member... Ask a question or start a Discussion?

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      This was asked recently by a member.  All Green Finance Community of Practice Members are encouraged to actively participate by asking or replying to questions or Discussions, note, preferably related to timely and topical Green Finance subjects of broad interest to other members.


      Note: if you are not yet a Member, then please "Join Collaboration for Development (C4D) and then go to the Green Finances and click "Join" you will automatically be accept as a member with rights to ask or answer questions, etc.


      Re: How can I start a Discussion:

      • Go to the lower left column, you will see the "Actions" Menu
      • Click Start a discussion - enter your question in the Subject section at the top.
      • Check - Mark this discussion as a question
      • Enter background information (if needed) in the lower "content" section; then invite members to add replies or comments, related thoughts and perhaps a link to related resources.
      • Note: in the lower right of the content section you can also click "Attach" to upload a related document.