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    Crowdsourcing initiative on own-source revenues: Become A Co-Author!

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      Dear members,


      We are launching a crowdsourcing initiative to capture, disseminate and expand collective knowledge of our community. Your inputs to crowdsourcing initiative will contribute to knowledge sharing, learning and networking! In addition, you can become a co-author of our crowdsourcing exercise!



      How does it work?


      Take a look at the "Decision Tree" document attached to this post.  Do you have any ideas or inputs to improve it? If so, please go ahead and edit the document, using the track changes, and post your edited document as a reply to this message.

      You can post your reply in three easy steps:

      1.    Log in to the Municipal Finance Practitioners Community.

      2.    Click the “reply” link in the bottom right corner of this message.

      3.    Write your reply and then click “Add Reply” to post it.





      Please note that this is NOT a final document, neither is it the official recommendation by the World Bank. The objective is to assist our community by providing some ideas and soliciting contributions and suggestion. All inputs submitted by our members will be reviewed and reflected in the final document as appropriate.