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    ShareYourThought - What are education needs in green finance?

    kmzz C4D Expert

      From your experience, do you see any unresolved gap(s) in education or training on green finance?

      Let us know your opinion. Let's keep the focus on those education/training needs related to topics on climate change mitigation finance and/or financing initiatives with environmental benefit. Thanks for your contributions!

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          wt48 C4D Extraordinaire



          I will preface my remarks noting I just spoke to my grandson in Moscow.  His school hosted a Model UN event this weekend that you might have gotten lots of input about financing environmental projects from young people from more than a dozen countries.


          At the UNGA this week, I was pleased by the remark of Mahmoud Mohieldin (WBG Senior VP) speaking about a new tranche of funding ($13 Billion) for Peace Building and Sustaining Peace related use.  He was clear in saying, assuring adequate, predictable financing requires private sector interventions, and bringing private sector players to the table.  Richard Branson also made a video presentation about the importance of disrupting established models for peace-keeping.   

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            jordon C4D Master

            Yes, very glad you mentioned climate mitigation and am interested if we could hear from the IIASA on energy targets, take the best information and give it to the best people. We always prefer information as a way to impress with competence as contingency where it concerns authority, the ENE - MCA is a good tool although for targets we may want to include coding with the available information, as opposed to just criteria selection. The amount of value in allowing people to educate themselves to shift between energy scenarios and carbon trajectory is what every financial institution that calculates transition should have, constitutional fidelity rests with receptivity to a paradigm of human experience. Verification and responsiveness become communication and logic, beware of softening targets after the data has spoken for itself. The most critical element of stable transition is an internal negative that implies we don't. Be cautious of core values.

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                wt48 C4D Extraordinaire

                Jordon,  Shall I begin with how important it is that diplomacy covers all the bases...   As a person who grew up embedding the fundamental principles of the international red cross movement, and for decades gathered field experiences about poverty, I think I agree with your commentary.  But please, break it down into smaller parts - perhaps 17 SDG parts...