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Vietnam Agriculture Finance Diagnostic

Created Apr 20 2020, 10:52 AM by Fotios Stravoravdis

Agriculture remains economically and socially important in Vietnam despite agriculture’s declining share of gross domestic product (GDP). The share of primary agricultural activity in the GDP has fallen to 13 percent, compared with more than 30 percent two decades ago. The active labor force in agriculture remains as high as 45 percent. However, agriculture is still very important in some regions such as the Central Highlands and the Mekong River Delta. The agriculture sector’s growth rate has been trending downward since 2010, which calls for a search of new sources of growth to meet the growth target of 3 percent per year in the Agriculture Restructuring Plan (ARP) for 2017–2020. Agriculture finance in Vietnam has to address two fundamental challenges: (a) facilitating financial inclusion and (b) supporting the transformation and growth of agriculture.

  • Thank you for the post Fotios Stravoravdis  with the Vietnam Agriculture Finance Diagnostic. Quick question - will the Covid 19 Pandemic significant affect the Vietnamese Agricultural Sector?