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The Agriculture Finance (AgriFin) is a center of excellence on agriculture finance in the World Bank Group covering both operations and knowledge management. This initiative was initially launched with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and it is managed by the World Bank Group’s Finance Competitiveness & Innovations Global Practice as well as Agriculture Global Practice.

AgriFin’s C4D community promotes knowledge sharing and networking by offering free membership for policymakers and practitioners in agricultural finance. Key activities of this community include:

  • Resources and Tools from AgriFin with financial institutions and governments in Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, as well as Latin America and the Caribbean regions.
  • Technical Summaries which are synopses of key agricultural finance publications.
  • Webinar Series featuring guest speakers who share lessons on a range of agricultural finance topics.

The goal of AgriFin’s C4D community is to improve the design and implementation of agriculture finance solutions through dialogue among experts from different fields and through the dissemination of best practices.


All members are encouraged to share their knowledge and best practices for agricultural finance and businesses in the ‘Discussion’ section. Please note that comments on this website solely reflect individuals’ points of view.

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