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Blog » 8 digital technologies disrupting aquaculture

8 digital technologies disrupting aquaculture

Created Apr 16 2023, 3:21 PM by Vivek Prasad
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8 digital technologies disrupting aquaculture

By Aidan Connolly

Aquaculture, also known as aqua farming, is believed to have first begun around 4,000 years ago in China and is now the fastest growing animal food production industry in the world. Previously, the industry suffered from the perception that the practice was unsustainable and unethical. Yet, for the first time in history, the consumption of farmed fish has exceeded that of wild caught fish and by 2030, is expected to account for two-thirds of the fish that humans consume. This increased demand has put a strain on wild resources and sustainable practices among fisheries leaving room for improvement in sourcing. Fortunately, there is great potential in fish farming and the opportunity to produce this protein source in a sustainable way is certainly attainable, particularly through the advent of technology.

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