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Why do we need a blue transformation?

Created Apr 16 2023, 2:55 PM by Vivek Prasad
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Whether they come from inland sources like rivers and lakes or the ocean, fish and other aquatic animals play a crucial role in global food security and nutrition. Yet, the production and distribution of aquatic foods faces many challenges. Strategies to deliver healthy, sustainable and equitable food systems need to adequately deal with overfishing and other unsustainable practices, unequal access to resources and markets, and the environmental impacts of aquatic food production. Aquatic food production is forecast to increase by a further 15% by 2030. Such growth is necessary to provide a growing population with healthy and nutritious foods. It also needs to be environmental, social and economically sustainable, while minimizing ecosystem impacts, ensuring social equality and responding to the consequences of climate change. To achieve this, we require a transformation of our aquatic food systems.