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CDD and Local Economic Development in a Rural Context

Created Aug 24 2020, 10:09 AM by Anastasiia Krasilnikova

CDD and Local Economic Development in a Rural Context

Wednesday, December 12 | 9:00-10:30am | Room MC 2-520



Government clients and task teams have expressed increasing interest in income generation and job creation for the poor through CDD and local economic development (LED) approaches. LED can be explained as “a process by which public, business and non-governmental sector partners work collectively to create better conditions for economic growth and employment generation” World Bank (2006). To learn from Bank projects implementing LED approaches in rural areas, the CDD GSG undertook a global literature review and identified 19 projects that emphasize: a) a territorial, spatial development focus; b) linking poor people to economic opportunities; and c) infrastructure investments that promote local value chains. This learning event focuses on three of these projects, and lessons learned.

Chair and Discussant:

Susan Wong, Global Lead, Community-Driven Development, Global Solutions Group


Somik Lall, Global Lead, Territorial Development and Productivity, Global Solutions Group


Maria de Fatima de Sousa, Senior Rural Development Specialist

TTL – Bahia Sustainable Rural Development Project, Brazil

Vara Vemuru, Lead Social Development Specialist

TTL – Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project, Uganda

Varun Singh, Senior Social Development Specialist

Task Team - Andhra Pradesh Rural Inclusive Growth Project, India