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Get coaching and training

Do you need help with building your Community of Practice? Reply to this thread to get ad-hoc support on how to create and develop impactful Communities of Practice. 

This thread connects DEMAND - teams, organizations, individuals who are looking for support in the form of training or coaching on creating and managing Communities of Practice – with SUPPLY - trainers and coaches who are certified Community Managers or experienced in providing capacity building for creating and managing Communities of Practice. 

How to request support 

Make sure you are logged in and then Post a Reply to this thread – scroll to the bottom of this page to see the “Post Reply” button – and include the following information in your reply: 

  • Name, Email, Organization, Country 

  • Your Needs/Requirements 

  • Language(s), and Background/Context 

  • Timeframe 

Once a certified Community Manager or trainer responds to you via email, make sure that they include their credentials and/or experience in their response.  

Disclaimer: the WBG does not endorse any specific certification or any specific trainer. 

How to respond to a request for support 

Only certified/experienced Community Managers and Community Management Trainers should respond to requests for support.  

If you are a certified/experienced trainer and would like to receive notifications of new requests for support, make sure you follow this thread - click on the blue button “Follow” at the top-right corner of this page, then choose “Email Subscriptions”. 

Once you have assessed your readiness to address the needs expressed in the request for support, send an email to the email address provided by the requestor, including: 

  • Your credentials 

  • A summary of your experience – e.g.: other training and/or coaching you have provided in the past 

  • A way forward, such as an invite to a call to discuss the details of the service to be provided 

Other resources to help you build impactful Communities of Practice

  • If you are looking for a manual on how to build Communities of Practice, visit the WBG Community of Practice Toolkit, a collection of practical tools that you can use to design, develop, and manage impactful Communities of Practice. 

  • For general questions about Communities of Practice, see this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page with advice and practical tips for building communities. 

  • For peer advice, ask a question on Communities4Dev, a Community of Practice bringing together Communities of Practice enthusiasts with the purpose of helping each other develop impactful Communities in the International Development sector.