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DREAM SCORE: What holds you back of achieving?

I wanted to start and interactive discussion after attending the United Nations Civil Society conference in Salt Lake City, Utah last week.  We all know that after 4 years, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) challenge is working to achieving the goals of Ending Extreme Poverty and Hunger in our world.   But progress, as we all know, is NOT uniformly being achieved in countries around the world.  

I came across a blog post by Darren Walker, My American Dream Score is 67. What’s yours? that I would like to urge readers of this post to take (even if you are not an American, I'm pretty sure you have heard of the "American Dream", and may have something similar in your country...   What is Your Amiercan Dream Score?

I would like to ask readers who take the test to post your score, and provide us with a few sentences to tell us about your experiences and what your score is....     My Dream score was 49/100.   I feel I was able to use hard work, education and having a good family life as a child to 'dream big' and succeed at what I have tried to do.   I know I have been fortunate, and always try to 'give back'..

(thank you in advance, William




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    Hi William. I just took the American Dream Score. The questions really made me think. I got a 63/100. The test suggests that, " Your score of 63 means you've had many factors working in your favor, but several you've had to overcome."

    Lower score on the test = Nearly everything has been working in your favor

    Higher scores on the test = Almost everything has been working against you

    I have been very fortunate. I do want to use my priviledge for social good.


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