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Enabling Agriculture and Food Systems Transformation 4.0: Data Driven Digital Agriculture

Created Mar 15 2021, 1:42 PM by Vivek Prasad
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Digital and data-driven innovations, applications, and platforms are promising to help overcome long-standing market and policy failures and to accelerate the transformation of agriculture and the entire food system. Such innovations emerging in many countries can help to increase farm efficiency, support more equitable access to markets across the value chain and improve environmental sustainability in the agri-food sector. Digital technologies are already becoming a prominent tool within the World Bank operations, with examples of innovations and applications in all aspects of agriculture and food value chains. In this context, it is critical that we build awareness and share knowledge across World Bank staff about how data-driven and digital technologies can be a tool to support a range of operations.  What are the new types of operations needed to support the development of a thriving digital ecosystem for the agriculture and food sectors? The learning session will have three parts

Part 1:

Findings from recent reports

Digital transformation of the agriculture and food system

Scaling up Disruptive Technologies in Africa 

Data access opportunities and innovations

Part 2

On-farm digital disruption through data integration and advisory services

 Data and Digital  Applications in Agriculture in India Portfolio  

Off-farm digital disruption across the value chain

DIGITAGRO: Investing is Digital Technology to Increase Market Access for Women Agri-preneurs in Guatemala

Open-Source Digital Tools enhancing farmers’ integration into value chains: An example of application in the dairy sector of Kyrgyzstan

Part 3

Supporting innovation and promoting incubation in Bank supported projects

Mashreq Agriculture Initiative – Farmers of the Future: Harnessing the Power of Digital Ag Transformation  

One Million Farmer Platform in Kenya: Scaling up Disruptive Agricultural Technologies (DAT)