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CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture

Created Mar 12 2021, 11:14 AM by Vivek Prasad

The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture leverages its global footprint, partner networks, and deep domain expertise to help the sector overcome these challenges, fostering new data-driven impact and innovations. The Platform is structured in three mutually reinforcing modules: ORGANIZE, CONVENE, and INSPIRE.   ORGANIZE focuses on the open standards, practices, services, and alliances for mobilizing CGIAR and partners’ data to accelerate data science in agricultural research. The module provides the public-goods data assets and analyses needed to support wider ecosystems of researchers, policymakers, development partners, and increasingly digital agriculture service providers to leverage big data capabilities and effectively negotiate the digital agriculture landscape for greater innovation and impact.

 The CONVENE module catalyzes strategic partnerships, co-learning, and exchange. Six vibrant Communities of Practice (3,500 total members, 80% of them external to CGIAR) serve as a key interface with global technical communities to set a common research agenda, and provide avenues for testing and adoption of digital innovations.  The Platform’s annual Convention rotates between Africa, Asia, and Latin America to help build the alliances and regional ecosystem for data-driven agricultural impact.  

The INSPIRE module leverages data--especially CGIAR data--and catalyzes new partnerships to source and foster digital innovations to accelerate research and delivery.