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1997 - Republic of Armenia Transport Sector Review (WB).pdf

Created Jun 02 2017, 3:57 PM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke
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This report reviews the current situation of Armenia's transport sector, follows with a vision of a reformed transport sector in a market economy, and suggests the steps necessary to the transition. It is based on the findings and recommendations of two transport sector missions that visited Armenia in June and October, 1996. It shows: (a) the extreme seriousness of the situation in the transport sector, and the need to stabilize and resolve internal resource mobilization and allocation issues with macro-economic stabilization; (b) the need to continue developing the macroeconomic policy framework and stimulate growth of the private economy, albeit under serious constraints; and (c) transport flows that reflect the contraction of trade and economic activity in Armenia, the effect of border closings and economic prospects in the Caucasus region.


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