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Are you aware of any Clean Energy Mini-Grids in Southern Africa?

Dear All,


This is the fifth time that I've written this message (not sure why much of the text has been deleted previously so I'll keep this very short).  Please see the 1-page flyer attached.  I'm now finalising the framework for the "greenfield" part of this programme, which aims to demonstrate the commercial viability of clean energy mini-grids in currently unserved regions of developing countries.  Current target countries are in Southern Africa: Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania.  Scale is a key point and we're not considering anything less than 50kW, although clusters of communities are an option, where relevant.  We want to avoid any conflict or duplication, so please let me know if you're aware of, or involved with, any other similar activity).  Happy for any replies on C4D, or please email be on dean.cooper at


Best,  Dean

  • Dear Dean,


    In Botswana, the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) has a couple of solar powered mini-grids and you might also look into their spin-off company BPC-Lesedi who run standalone fee-for-service and mini-grids using a franchise model. I helped set these up in 2006/7 and whilst they are less than 50kW when I visited early last year and they were looking to expand with a larger system so it may be worth checking. email me on linkedin and I'll send contacts if you require.




  • Dean,


    in case relevant: MEI brownfield activity in Mozambique


    MicroEnergy Int. is presently conducting a feasibility study on the  hybridisation of two mini-grid systems operated by diesel generators in Mozambique in cooperation with Inensus under an assignment by the Belgium Technical Cooperation.


    Cheers, Sebastian

  • Hi Dean,

    Right at this moment, We are doing 3 medium scale Minigrid ( 100-150KWp) and one large (650Kwp) all for powering offgrid villages in Bangladesh.

    Do let me know if I could be any help for you wrt, survey, feasibility study, business case as well as design and installations issues.


  • Greetings. We are in discussions to install 100kW micro hydro powered mini-grids in West Africa at up to 18 sites. We should have details worked out in 2-4 months. Despite a long history in the Sub-Sahara, various reports reiterate that micro hydro is only being used at a fraction of the feasible sites. We are developing a 'franchise' program to be able to systematically deploy on a cost-effective basis combined with a Community Cottage Industry program designed by the University of Michigan 3rd Century Global Initiative REFRESCH program to deploy energy-water-food security programs in remote communities.


    We see the opportunity to display the results at the 2017 Future Energy World's Fair hosted by Kazakhstan. This is the first World's Fair to be 100% powered by renewable energy. We organized a bilateral discussion with one of the Ministers regarding the benefits of installing the world's most modern mini grid at this showcase event.


    We are also working in Nigeria to deploy a 1.6MW biomass-solar hybrid powered mini grid at Universities with a pyrolysis system that has resolved the tar problem.


    Similarly, we are talking to Canadian First Nation's to use the emission-free pyrolysis system at half the cost of diesel powered micro grid.


    Looking forward to your progress.


  • Dear Dean,


    See EnDev Mozambique for Mini Hydro.




  • Hi Dean, Based on the date of the replies (2014), is your note from 2018? I will drop a quick email to confirm. Dan Bicz. and