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Energy Efficient Solar Irrigation Pumps for Bangladesh

Half of the year they remain unused though each systems are very expensive to afford

During the monsoon we would like to use them for households or other purposes

Tie them into Nanogrids or minigrids

Make the system intelligent

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    Well the problem is applicable to wider scope, if you could provide average site details as follows:

    What is Average solar radiation, average wind speed, average depth of water to be pumped, Crop pattern, Alternate fuel replace, Financial incentives ,Availability of Import/Export meter for feeding  Nano Grid or micro grid.



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  • We @claroenergy have installed several systems where the beneficiary is able to use the solar pumps for domestic use as well (if field and house are very close).  Also we have been successful in developing solar pump trolleys (2HP/1.8kW or smaller) that can be moved from one field to another and can be used for different purposes. We are looking to enter into Bangladesh and are at an early stage of market assessment.


    You can check us out at: