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Results-Based Finance for Supply Chain Resilience

Created Feb 23 2017, 12:00 AM by Julian Sosa Valles
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A publication by Natural Capital Partners about RBF for Supply Chain Resilience. Presenting the cost of action vs. inaction, how to achieve a successful supply chain strategy, RBF for sustainable impact, a resilient tea industry (impacted by climate change), and its application for improving livelihoods in Bangladesh.




Supply chain resilience has become a fundamental consideration for business as the threats and impact of climate change on resource availability have become increasingly apparent. While many within the business community have recognized the need, and shown the will, to take action in addressing these issues within key sourcing regions, quantifying improvement programmes remains a challenge. However, as illustrated through the examples above, businesses are now realising that the mechanisms they’ve previously used to fund direct operational emission reductions can in fact achieve much more; offering a credible way to deliver positive impact on some of the most material risks to


their business and supply chains, and sustainable development to at-risk communities and ecosystems.




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