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Re-Thinking Transportation Management through SmartMobility

Created by Cholpon Ibraimova
June 171, 2013 | 12:30 PM | MC4-100

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Today for the first time, the majority of populations live in cities, and this will increase to nearly 70% in 2050. Cities will grow from city centers to suburbs, rings and finally megacities and mega regions, with populations from 10 to 25 million inhabitants. In China and India alone, they will require 50 new cities of greater than 1M hab to accommodate their population growth.

Therefore it´s key to face this challenge through an Integrated City Management solution approach that helps public authorities enable cities to evolve their transportations systems from single modes to integrated ones. This upgrade will improve transportation services, provide value add and customized information to their citizens, as well as new Eco-Mobility services to their citizens.



Schneider Electric is currently implementing its SmartMobility solutions for integrated city management in cities like Quito, Panamá, Bilbao and Dallas –which are enabling integrated management and coordination of the different aspects involved in city mobility – constituting the technological base for empowering these cities on their journey to become a world-class Smart City.

Speaker: Arturo Corbí Vallejo is the transportation global business development Vice President for Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric is a leading company in the planning, design, deployment, management, and operation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Open Road Toll systems, and multimodal Public Transit solutions.

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